Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Logic & Reasoning Question (I Gotta Know!)

Okay, so I know that the very definition of a biconditional statement is two statements that are mutually implicit and cannot exist without each other, but I want to challenge that. My tutor and I haven’t found one yet, so maybe someone else can help us: 
Is there at statement for which the converse is true, but the pair of statements do not form a biconditional statement? i.e., p →q and q →p, but it could be that q →x also, or q →p & z, 
or p →h, while p and q remain mutually implicative, just without necessarily excluding other variables? “If and only if” would not be included in the structure of the resulting statement.
I will now commence spamming every social network I am on in search of an answer.

Here are Karate Cats:

Go forth and be wonderful.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Breaking: Sad Virgin Has a Sad About Consumerist "Love" Holiday

WARNING: This post was produced in a facility that processes complaining, petty problems, ridiculousness, and the unquenchable thirst of a nearly 17 year old virgin. May contain trace amounts of "Holy mother of Carl Sagan, someone get this dried-up lonelywaffle a significant other before my computer vomits."  

Not a significant source of: Meaning, Depth, or Quality.

       Okay, so I have a confession to make: I'm an adolescent female. Furthermore, I have this strange biological desire to seek a mate, coupled with a less biological desire to be intellectually and emotionally fulfilled by romantically cooperating with another human individual. Happy Valentine's day, let's listen to someone with next to no experience on the subject talk about romantic love!
     In short, today's post is less "I'm an intellectual, hear me blog poignantly" and more "I'm a person with a blog, hear me complain not-poignantly about how I don't have my own private intellectual to intellectual with/do... uh, other stuff with.
     Okay, so with that sentence, now you basically know what Sapiosexuality is. Brains are attractive (not literally. I don't watch "Red Asphalt" and think "mmm boy lemme touch all up on them brains I see ground into the road!"). Also, under no circumstances does it belong on the LGBTQQIP2SAA continuum. It has nothing to do with sexual orientation, and so far as I know, no one's ever been a victim of violence or bullying for getting tingly for smart folks. I use the term loosely to define my preferences, because like a lot of adolescent females, there are other factors that come into play for me, the other traits I prefer : humor, mild to medium receptiveness to emotional stimuli, a basic understanding of arithmatic and reading, occasionally a talent or two, general philosophy of kindness, maybe a tolerant-to-openminded attitude toward heigiene, and a steady pulse. Disabilities also do not take an individual out of the running. Inability to walk, brain chemistry challenges, or non-normative learning styles are not dealbreakers. But basically, the mind/ideas/intelligence factor is a non-negotiable prerequisite, and each additional desirable-to-me trait  that an individual posesses thereafter merely increases their eligibility for a position on the potential-mates-for-me list. Problem is, this list is empty at this time for a number of frustrating reasons. 
     Let's ignore for a moment the fact that its probably just me being picky. The main factors that can limit the volume of potential mates for me are Availability, Sexual Orientation, and Distance. Lots of times, people are simply taken, either by another individual or by their studies. Then there's the "He is not/I am not attracted to girls" factor. Sometimes it's me who'd do well to be something other than straight, sometimes it's the party in question. Lastly, there's the fact that I live 45 minutes out of town, where cows make up most of my dating options (another thing I'm just not into). That and the nearest city has a median age of around 35. My greatest hope for improving these conditions is college, at which point I will be in a serious relationship with my schoolwork, and it won't matter anymore.
     Interest isn't as much of a problem. So far plenty of people I'm decisively not interested in have expressed mild to fervent interest in me. So I needn't be concerned that I'm simply doomed to loneliness. I'm just interesting to the wrong people (usually: kind but boring people, egomaniacs, people who are too much older or younger, people who are nice to me but mean to everyone else, people who have a lot of baggage and think romance will save them, people with suspicious agendas, total strangers, douchepickles, well-intentioned stumbling simpletons, and people I'm just plain not interested in) But being a sapiosexual adolescent is also a little strange (as is being adolescent at all) because biology is weird thing. Don't get me wrong, every once in a while, I like me a tall dark handsome type. But only in theory and not in practice. In my experience, these people have been statistically less likely to be long-term interesting, because a life of being extremely sexually attractive can make an individual socially lazy, and in a worst case scenario, their mind's sedentary condition makes it deteriorate, and they can't think quickly on their feet and don't have many complicated/interesting -and therefore sexy-ideas anymore. It's a societal thing and not the fault of anyone in particular but it happens. 
     Additionally, I'll be honest: I luckily happen to find a certain body/brain combo -that happens to be fairly common- particularly great. Problem is, so do a fair number of other people, so most of the silly, unashamed spaghetti brainiac goobers I tend to be into have been whisked away by wonderful, magical, also-really-cool-and-smart people. I understand. Most of them have been waiting a VERY LONG TIME for a significant other and the people that end up and belong with them are generally *ahem* REALLY FRACKING AWESOME, i.e.  my friends. However, SOME of us neurogoof lovers missed the first boat. And the second one. And the third one. I know there are lots of boats with lots of wonderfully goobery brainiacs on them. It's just that the boat carrying the exact human I ought to be nerds-with-benifits with is taking an frustratingly long time to get here.
      Here's the juicy bit. Once I start having an interesting enough conversation with someone, the last thing I want to do is *ghasp* *shudder* KISS them or anything gross like that. It literally feels disrespectful (dear world: you have now read a correct use of the adverb "literally". Learn or die). I think to myself "reducing you to a *ghasp* *shudder* sexual being is an insult to each of our intellects! Let's play a game where we construct an operational idea of stupendous dimensions...without touching each other! WE WILL CONQUER THE WORLD!!!! This happens, like, thrice a year, maybe.
      I suppose the upside of this is that I am surrounded by extremely intelligent people (male and female) with whom I have no-strings-attached, incredibly rewarding friendships. This makes life more meaningful . But I do not want to be doomed to have sexual relations with freaking he-man and like, Jacob Werewolf Llama-butt just because I have a strange mental voice convincing me that intimacy with intelligent people is sacreligious. Where is my Spock-in-shining-enterprise-uniform? (Go here for another Spock-lover's scarily accurate explanation of what it is to have an epically proportioned crush on the glorious blue-clad Vulcan:

      Here's to nearly 1.7 decades of valentines days, romantically alone.

     And you know what?

     It's not so bad.
     I get all the chocolate to myself.

     And I'll finish ALL my homework.

     Haha, taken people.

     Joke's on you.

      What's attractive to you people? Feel free to be totally superficial.

     I leave you today with a picture of my cat not letting me kiss him. "Don't even speak to me, peasant."

Go forth and be wonderful.